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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Shortcuts In orkut (Greasemonkey Script)

Well this is a must have greasemonkey script which is not only quick but also looks incredibly good
I love using this Script and i am even loving it more to write about it.

As the Topic's Name suggests that this is a greasemonkey script so you people must have firefox to use this trick.
Along with Firefox you would need to install Greasemonkey Too.

How To Use This Script :

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Voice in a Scrap :D

Most People use Orkut for Fun. While the others use it to meet friends and contact people. This Trick is only for those who are looking to have Fun On Orkut.

Well this is a great thing i found out on Orkut and i thought every person should get to use and know about this great tool.

Did you ever wondered on sending a Voice scrap using Orkut ??
orkut Underworld is here to help you send a voice message to your friends.. just for Fun

This trick would send a loud Shrieking voice to the other person.
This scrap would look invisible but as soon as the scrapboook opens there would be a loud shriek. which can of coarse surprise or even scare your friends

How To Use This Shrieking Voice :

  • Go To the ScrapBook You want to Post The Shrieking Voice in
  • Yo can only post it to those who are your friends
  • Copy the Javascript below
  • Paste it into the scrapbook and press Submit
  • It would appear as invisible but there would be a sound coming from your speakers

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‘Kidnappers’ remanded in custody till Jan 22

DNAIndia says :

Nakul Kanu, who was allegedly kidnapped by his four friends, including Gaurav Shetty, 23-year-old son of K R Shetty — the owner of Peninsula Hotel in Sion — has reportedly told the police that he is innocent.

Shetty along with his friends Gaurav Solanki, Sushant and Jassi allegedly kidnapped Kanu on Sunday because they were furious over him posting lewd comments about his girlfriend and mother on the popular social networking website, Orkut. These claims have been refuted by Kanu, said police officials.

The four, who were arrested on Monday, were remanded in judicial custody till January 22 by the Kurla court on Tuesday. They were subsequently granted bail for a sum of Rs15, 000 each.

The Sion police now plan to approach Orkut and the cyber cell of the Mumbai police to establish the source of the messages that were posted on the site.

The End

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Some one posting Pictures and phone numbers of Girls on Orkut

Times of India Wrote :

CHANDIGARH: For two Chandigarh girls, social networking proves to be a harrowing experience. They have been subjected to humiliation, with obscene calls pouring in, costing them more than they bargained for.

In a rude shock, they found out that someone had played a dirty joke on them by posting their profiles and mobile numbers on Orkut, a Google-owned social networking site.

After they lodged a complaint, the UT police took their profile off the portal which mentioned the two as prostitutes. The girls, who work in Sector 34, are clueless about the culprit.

"We will look into the case and take details of the people around them. Someone known to them is likely to be behind the crime, as their mobile numbers were also mentioned on the site," said a police officer.

However, cops have little headway so far in the case. "We got the complaint just a few days back. It is too early to say anything about the case as it will take some time to crack it," a senior cop said, pleading anonymity.

In another incident, the profile of a Mohali-based girl was posted on the same site along with her morphed nude pictures.

Though the UT police did not register a case, citing jurisdictional problems, they took her profile and photographs off the site. Earlier, Pune cops had reportedly sought a ban on Orkut following a series of such cases.

Events like these are the things which spoil the Fun of using Orkut !!
Really these things should be stopped. Even if people make profiles for fun they sometimes crosses there limits. Orkut should take some actions against such people

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History of ScrapBook Flooder (Working Script)

Most people still asks me how they can increase there scrapbook count. I have already made many Topics about scrapBook Flooder and i am making one more to inform those who still don't know about scrapbook flooder.

What is a scrapBook Flooder ?
A scrapbook flooder is a tool used to increase your scraps or Scrapbook counts.

What type of Flooders are there ?
There are two types of Flooding Tools. One is the Javascraipt flooder and the other is the Flooding software

History Of Flooders
I now a lot about flooders but still i think i lack in a lot of things. If i am wrong anywhere Please do let me know and if you want me to add some more here you can put it in the comment below

At the very beginning there were Javascripts which would flood so fast that they could only increase the scrap count of your scrapbook and not the Scraps. People who flooded using these flooders could get a high scrap count with little time spend. But these people soon have to pay as Orkut refreshed there servers people all over orkut lost thousands of scrapcount and after that Orkut started refreshing there servers more and more regularly putting an end to these kind of Flooders.

After that there were new javascripts which increased the actual scraps rather then the scrap count. These flooders were a lot slower then the previous ones. People were still happy with these but Orkut came back again and much harder as Orkut implemented a limit on the number of scraps which a person could send in a specific period of time. At start people were able to flood around 500 scraps during one round of there flooder and after that there account became blocked for around half an hour.

For this reason people started making new flooders. Few months after the limitations people made new flooding softwares which could flood using many profiles. You just have to feed your fake accounts Log In and Password into these flooders and they would start flooding your account using your fake accounts and would flood around 500 scraps and then would take a break for a small time and after that would start flooding again. They flooded simultaneously and alternatively using all of the accounts a person have. I remember people telling me that they have got 500 fake accounts so that they could flood as fast as they can and with out any errors. People even used to have Scrap Ranking.

Well good times don't last long. Soon Orkut being in beta changed there codes and after that keep changing them until 4 months ago when they finally changed the whole Template of Orkut. But still now few flooders are working. People were still flooding. New versions of the flooders keep on coming whenever orkut changed there codes.
Orkut kept on decreasing the limit of scraps one can do in a specific period and Now its less then 300 scraps in one flooding session and after that your accounts is blocked for more then 3 hours. Orkut then gave a final Blow to all the people who used to Flood. Orkut added a limitation to the number of scraps. See this screen shot :

People used to have many times more scrap then this. There were even challenges set to flood 1 million scraps in 24 hours but now the number of scraps orkut show are just 100,000 + . Well it was shocking and terrifying for all Orkut users who used to flood. I myself lost about half of my scrap count. This limitation by orkut put a real end to the flooding world. As people cant compete with one another on the number of scraps they have so what's the point to flood ?

How Orkut reacts to Flooders
Orkut have till now not taken any serious action against flooding. They could have stopped it years ago but they didn't. They took actions against flooding very late. Orkut currently have little chance of finding out if a person is flooding or not. So most people can still flood if they want and often even when Orkut finds out that someone is flooding they do not take it seriously. Unless the person is flooding in hundred thousands in which case Orkut is forced to take an action.

Latest Working Flooder :
Although it is not latest it is pretty old but as people keep on asking me about new flooders so i am giving them a link :
Click Here to find a working Flooder

Note :
I would take no responsibility of anything which happens to your Profile after using this flooder as Orkut have a strict policy against those who use flooders (Although they can hardly find who is using the flooder) But i can asure you that this flooder is not a cookie stealing / Hacking Script.
All the History and comments described above are my own and not of the Orkut officials. So there can me mistakes in these accounts

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Suggest New Features To Orkut

Well i have posted this many times before on how to suggest Orku to add new features..
But many people still don't seem to know that so i thought about making a new topic on this..

One of the Top suggestions Orkut received was of Photos in albums. Ofcoarse 12 Photos were not good enough for Orkut's Users now Orkut have increased it to 100 photos and have also allowed it's users to Make new Albums
Another Top suggestion was to of Privacy..
Orkut have now added enough features which make there Privacy Settings much better..
although there are still some bugs in it..But it is pretty good as Orkut is still in Beta stage.
Orkut have now launched privacy settings for both album, scrapbook, videos and testimonials so that you can chose who you want to share your content with.

Learn more about how you can Suggest new Features to orkut after the Jump

Orkut sas about it :

2007 was a really good year for orkut. So many new features were launched! But where did these new ideas come from? Well, mostly from you. Yes, it was all of you who sent us the enormous amount of suggestions about how to make orkut even better.
There are two different ways you can submit your suggestions. One is to visit our Suggestions Page, where you can select from some pre-defined suggestions that we hear often. The other one is to visit our Help Group and post any idea you have on the suggestions section. Either way, your voice will be heard.

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